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Randy 3.jpg

Vocals - Randy

Joe 222.jpg

Bass - Joe


Drums - Tom

Chris 6.jpg

Lead/Slide Guitar -


George (2)_edited.jpg

Lead/Rhythm Guitar -


With Special Guests Suzanne Hunt (Vocals) & Doug Koithan (Harmonica)

DiamondBack features the blistering guitar work of Chris Hunt, playing on stage since he was 10 years old - always playing a Gibson Les Paul through a Peavey Amp. Playing Lead, Slide & Rhythm Guitar he is one of Buffalo's best* guitar players.


On Bass is Mr. Joe Switniewski AKA Joe Tech who brings the thunder. His main influence is THE legendary Geezer Butler from Black Sabbath. Joe adds his own flavor to the bottom end of DiamondBack's sound.


On Guitar, George Neenos Playing his Les Paul through a Marshall Amp. While George might be the best dressed in the band, he doesn't let it get in the way of his soulful lead guitar playing.


Playing the drums is Tommy Kraebel AKA Tommy Gun, a heavy hitter who loves his DW's. Tom and Joe makes up DiamondBack's powerful rhythm section.

Randy Rzepka fronts the band, his style has been compared to the late Ronnie Van Zant and Danny Joe Brown. Randy has toured Florida fronting Artimus Pyle's Band

*according to "Rolling Stone Magazine"

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